Online live streamed class

Sunday June 9th, 8:00pm-9:30pm EST

The crafting of humanoid figures is an act which has its origins long before recorded history. It aligns us with the art of the gods conjured by humanities earliest imagining, and creates both a conduit and anchor for power which can be worked and harnessed by those who are willing.

In this 90 min online workshop we will discuss the use of dolls in various magical traditions throughout history, as well as practical ways that we may meaningfully incorporate them in our personal practice today.

Beyond the vulgar “voodoo dolls” of common horror films, we will discuss the use of poppets, doll babies, and effigies for all manner of spellwork from healing and love drawing to reversal magic and hexing. We will also explore the deeper realms of this art by discussing techniques and approaches towards utilizing dolls as spirit houses and devotional objects.

Lastly, we will conclude by exploring the various materials and methods for the constructing of dolls, as well methods for the consecration and enlivening of them for magical purposes.

This class will be taught by Matthew Venus. Matthew is the owner and lead apothecary of He is an artist and folk magician who has been practicing magic for over twenty five years. Matthew has been doing magic with dolls from an early age and is known for his unique magical dolls, beeswax poppets, and inspirited fetish objects.

Spiritus Arcanum