At Spiritus Arcanum it is our vision and mission to provide authentically formulated, quality crafted, and magically empowered spiritual supplies, art, and services of the highest caliber.

Based in historic Salem Massachusetts, Spiritus Arcanum is a labor of spiritual devotion, and of love which was dreamed, created, and founded by our owner and lead apothecary Matthew Venus in 2011. Since then we have offered our wares both on Etsy and at select vending events until launching our official website on Walpurgisnacht 2019. It is from a sincere desire to practice and share our art, create mindfully crafted magical items, and contribute to the larger community that Spiritus Arcanum was born.

We are Folk Magicians, Rootworkers, and Witches with well over two decades of learning, practice and experience in the magical arts. We believe that quality and authenticity should be available to all true practitioners and spiritual seekers. With these standards as our vanguard, Spiritus Arcanum creates products which are effectively tailored towards a wide variety of purposes and practices.

At Spiritus Arcanum we believe in an animistic universe and in the indwelling genius and virtue of plants. It is with this in mind that we demand quality in our products. For this reason we will never utilize cheap synthetics or other ineffective and vulgar materials in our handcrafted botanical and apothecary offerings. To do so would go against the principals we stand for and it is our pledge to keep our botanicals and blends as natural, pure and authentic as possible.

We welcome all individuals regardless of religious or spiritual path and strive to provide offerings and services which are applicable, effective and accessible for all.

Spiritus Arcanum