Witch Egg

A rarity to behold, Witch Eggs occur when an egg is formed without a yolk. Making the resultant eggs substantially smaller. This usually happens when a pullet (young hen) has just begun laying eggs. However, some chickens have been known to lay them occasionally throughout their lives. Also known as a Cock’s Egg, Fairy Egg, [...]

In the wake of Covid-19 the internet is abuzz with stories proclaiming that “Yes, there is in fact a Saint Corona, and she’s Patron of Pandemics.” Though this makes for good clickbait, and it’s being shared throughout the internet, in truth there is zero precedence for Saint Corona being a remover of illness or disease. [...]

How Br’er Rabbit Lost His Foot or The Rabbit in Magic and Folklore By Matthew Venus One of the most recognizable lucky curios to the average American, magically inclined or otherwise, is that of the Rabbit’s Foot. Though the usual response that “it wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit” holds true, we have to wonder [...]

Featured Saint- Saint Anthony of Padua

Featured Saint- Saint Anthony of Padua By Matthew Venus My first real acquaintance with Saint Anthony of Padua came quite a few years ago while looking around a local thrift shop. Atop a high shelf sat one of his statues, a tall chalkware figure dressed in brown monastic robes holding the baby Jesus and a [...]

Featured Saint- Saint Expedite

Featured Saint- Saint Expedite By Matthew Venus There are few other Saints as enigmatic and popular in folk magic as Saint Expedite. He is a Saint who helps those in dire need with immediate results. He is a quick problem solver and is also said to remove obstacles, assist in legal matters, and overcome procrastination. [...]

Spiritus Arcanum