Happy Home Oil

Salem Conjure Co. Happy Home Oil is used in works to bring peace and joy into the home. If you’re dealing with regular quarrels and discord at home our Happy Home Oil is the answer. Prepared from a collection of uncrossing botanicals such as eucalyptus, and calming supportive plants such as rosemary and lavender, our oil helps smooth out the rough edges, sooth tensions, and clear away crossed conditions in the home.

The oil is perfect for dressing the doorways and windows of the home, adding to floor washes, and dressing white marriage or figure candles. The candles can be inscribed with the names of those in the household and burned while prayers for peace, love, and communication are said. For this purpose we recommend psalms 32, 46, 61, 70, and 98, or anything sincere from the heart and in alignment with your spiritual traditions.

15ml glass bottle