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As the days grow colder and darker the spirits of the green offer comfort, blessings, and protection through the long nights of winter. Many of the traditions and folk magical practices associated with both Yule and Christmas center around working with various herbs, trees, spices, and resins to bring forth warmth, light, and life during the season of death. At this moment, whilst much of the wildwood slumbers, when many of us are more secluded and removed from our loved ones, where we are beset with illness ravaging the land, partnering with the spirits of the green in the dark of winter may assist in lifting the miasma of seclusion and instead offer rejuvenation and mirth.

In this class we will profile a great number of the plants of Yuletide and examine their mythology, symbolism, culinary, and traditional folk magical uses. We will also discuss a variety of practical applications for Yuletide herbs. Including traditional Twelfth Night suffumigations, Christmas love divinations, herbal preparations for the exorcism of ghosts, working with herbs to bring health and prosperity in the coming year, herbal preparations for protection of the home, and much more.

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