All High Conquering Oil

Salem Conjure Co. All High Conquering Oil is used in cases where you must outshine, outsmart, and out win your competition. It is appropriate for use when one desires to get ahead in their career, succeed in a competition, or otherwise dominate those who would oppose you. This formula is about claiming your personal power and letting it shine through while the competition fades into your shadow.

It is formulated with High John the Conqueror Root, Calamus, Bay, and other traditional ingredients for success and domination.

Use it to anoint purple,blue, or yellow candles while reciting appropriate prayers and affirmations.

Burn the purple or blue candles on Thursdays while praying for domination of the competition.

Burn the yellow candles on Sundays while praying for your success and that you shine bright as the Sun.


15ml Glass Bottle