Bane & Boon Print

“Bane & Boon” is a piece from artist and author Aaron Oberon @aaronoberon which was created in partnership with Spiritus Arcanum as a part of our Horns of the Witches’ Devil release.

The piece symbolizes the duality of both our Devil, and of our arte.
The twin horns representing the supernal and infernal, one of light and one of shadow. The hands blessing and blasting, one sinistral the other dextral

One horn tipped towards the earth.
To plow a chthonic furrow where baneful seeds may be sown.
The other tipped towards to the sky.
To rend the heavens that starlight might rain upon us and brighten our eyes.

And the light betwixt.
The brow alight with gnosis.
The path between.
The axis mundi and crucible of transmutation.
The torch of our illumination and liberation.

This hand printed ikon of our Sabbatic Goat, our Devil, our Witchfather has been made available in a limited edition of 20 hand numbered, titled, and signed prints. Each print is an 8×11 linocut on Lama li Lokta paper. Due to the handmade nature some variations will occur and each piece has unique textures in the paper.

Spiritus Arcanum