Spiritus Arcanum is pleased to present our original handcrafted beeswax poppets.

Also referred to as doll babies in hoodoo and conjure tradition of practice, and as “voodoo dolls” by the under-educated, effigies of this sort have been used for centuries to effect magical results upon a person.

Whether it be for for works of blessing or bane, this handcrafted poppet offers an excellent focal point and stand in for the target of the working. When properly prepared these effigies may also serve as effective spirit houses for familiar spirits or servitors.

Due to the malleability of beeswax these poppets are easily carved into and sigilized, and small cavities may be made in the chest, back, head, or mouth to insert appropriate herbs, powders, or other materia in alignment with your working. The poppet may also be dressed in oils, fixed with pins, held to a flame, treated to healing waters and touch, or any number of creative approaches to the work at hand.

As these are often made to order, we are also able to offer these with various herbs, powders, and dirts embedded in the wax by customer request for an additional charge.

Each poppet stands approximately 7.5-8.5″ tall.

Spiritus Arcanum