Bend Over Oil

Salem Conjure Co. brand Bend Over Oil is based upon traditional formulas of domination and subjugation. It is one of the commanding formulas found in hoodoo which is designed to get others to follow your lead, bow to your will, and do as you wish. For those troublesome neighbors who won’t shut off their music, the boss who keeps breathing down your back, or the in-laws who keep meddling, Bend Over Oil is the solution. Just a bit and they’ll be bending over and kissing your feet.

Beyond spells of dominance Bend Over Oil can also be used for court case spells to gain the compliance of judge and jury, and for expelling malign entities from a residence. Our Bend Over Oil is often used to dress purple candles for spells of dominance and influence. It may also be used to dress mojos, talismans and other appropriate items.


15ml Glass Bottle