Oil of Benediction

Our Ars Magica Benediction formula is an oil of the right hand.
Crafted for works of blessing, consecration, cleansing, banishing, dispelling grief and depression, calling in good fortune, and healing. It is allied to the work of making sacred and may be applied in works of high ritual and initiation as well.

Among the numerous components which reside in its mother bottle are: Angelica, Sage, Saint John’s wort, Dirt from 7 churches, Rowan, Hawthorn, Rose, Calendula, Bay Laurel, Rosemary, Rue, Avens root, Cinquefoil, Devil’s shoestring, Clear Quartz, Master root, Mugwort, Hagstone, Lucky Hand Root, and more.

As these oils are birthed and housed in a mother bottle which has been ritually worked and filled with magical materia, please note that there may occasionally be small particles of botanical or other materia found within the oil you recieve.

All of our Ars Magica oils are ritually made and blessed. They are crafted with only the finest natural materials and essential oils. We will never use synthetic fragrances in our magical oils.

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