Lovi Artes x Spiritus Arcanum: Black Arte Ritual Candles

*Only be available for order from 04/30 until 05/15*

These ‘Black Arte’ ritual candles are a collaboration between Spiritus Arcanum and master chandler Sarah Jezebel Wood of Lovi Artes.

They are a limited edition of midnight black blended soy wax candles. Crafted for rituals of conjuration, spirit pacts, witchcraft, and necromancy. And are infused with a haunting mixture of highly potent essential oils and evocative fragrance oils.

Their flame acts as luminary to call and bring forth the presence of spirits and aid of the dead with a scent profile of mugwort, mullein, smoke, dirt, mulberry and a touch of bourbon.

Each candle is lovingly hand poured, hand painted and dripped for the ultimate candle aesthetic. They will also undergo a dual consecration beginning in the dark hours of Walpurgisnacht before the completion.

Available for pre-order in 5 different sizes.

A bit about Lovi Artes: Intentionally crafted and hand poured candles made in NYC. Candles for magic and devotion or house & home. Cultivate your inner fire. Lovi Artes will be launching its online store mid-May. Check www.loviartes.com for updates.

* Due to the ritual construction and consecrations required for these items, these limited edition candles are a preorder item and will only be available for order from 04/30 until 05/15 after which the final steps of their construction/consecration will be completed and they should then ship out one week later to those who have ordered them.

Spiritus Arcanum