Black Chicken Feather Whisk

Within several folk magical traditions, chickens or parts/feathers from them are often employed in the detection, removal, and neutralization of harmful magic and crossed conditions.

In Hoodoo and Conjure traditions certain species of chicken are said to do the work of scratching up any tricks laid down for their owners. This is logical as chickens spend a good amount of effort scratching and digging at the earth both to reveal what lies beneath the surface, and as a part of their process of cleaning. This serves additional purpose when we note that many tricks are employed by laying powders down upon the ground for the intended target to walk through. Powders which the chicken may scratch up instead and render ineffective.

This folklore is part of the origin for the popular use of chicken’s feet as fetishes of protection. Additionally, the wings and feathers of black chickens are believed to be exceptionally effective at removing and neutralizing harmful attachments and crossed conditions. These whisks are designed to be used in works of spiritual cleansing and taking off crossed conditions. This is accomplished by “sweeping” an individual or object from the top down towards the ground several times whilst praying that they be freed from all malign influences. Some folks also like to then cleanse both the person and the whisk in the smoke of frankincense or copal to seal the work. These items may also be hung in the home as an item both decorative and apotropaic.

These whisks are fixed with appropriate oils and blessed with smoke before being shipped to you. They are each hand crafted so please allow 3-6 weeks for them to ship depending upon their availability and our workload. Due to the nature of these items please understand that no two will be exactly alike.