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Spiritus Arcanum

Dice Divination Kit

Dice Divination Kit

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Divination with dice traces back to the ancient world where originally the knuckle bones of sheep or goats were used before more standardized six sided dice became popularized. 

We recommend using three bone dice for acquiring both "yes/no/maybe" as well as more complex answers.

Yes/no/maybe forms of divination work best when seeking answers from spirits. In such a case the dice are often consecrated to function as speaking on behalf of a specific spirit, or class of spirits.

For a simple method of "yes/no/maybe" divination we recommend the following:
(in these examples E will stand for an even number on the face of the dice, and O will stand for an odd number. Even totals are treated as a no, where as odd numbers are treated as a yes)

Guide to Answers:

E+E+E= Even Total = NO

O+O+E= Even Total = Maybe/Mostly No. Further questioning should take place. 

E+E+O= Odd Total = Maybe/Mostly Yes. Further questioning should take place. 

O+O+O= Odd Total = YES

Alternately more complex forms of dice divination can be found in our blog post HERE. Another even more in-depth system of dice divination is found in the Civil War-era book The Fortune Teller and Dreamer's Dictionary by Madame le Marchand.

Our Divination kit with a horn cup and three camel bone dice.

As they are crafted from natural materials, style and color of cup and dice may vary slightly.

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