Do you have questions about where you stand, and desire further clarity in your life?

Spiritus Arcanum is pleased to be offering Bone Readings by intuitive reader and rootworker Matthew Venus.

Matthew has been performing bone readings for the past eight years, in addition to having over twenty years of experience in intuitive readings and divination. His focus upon both the larger picture, as well as the more nuanced aspects of a situation will not only give you an overview of your areas of concern, but also provide in-depth insight on how to confront and overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way.

You will generally receive your reading within one week of your purchase dependent upon Matthew’s current schedule and workload. If it will be more than a week from your purchase we will contact you to make appropriate arrangements or refund your purchase. If your need is more immediate please contact us in advance of purchasing to see if we may accommodate your need.

Once you have purchased the reading we will contact you to get a fair understanding of your current situation, ask some basic questions, and identify the areas you’d like the reading to look into. Or if you’d simply like a general overview of your current life situations and likely courses for future action we are more than happy to provide that as well.

When the reading takes place Matthew will call upon his guiding spirits for assistance. He will then call upon both his ancestors and yours, give all spirits present proper offerings, and begin the reading.

During the reading, which will generally take from 30-60 minutes, the bones will be thrown for you. Though this reading includes many actual bones from various animals, the “bones” also include a variety of charms, roots, nuts, and other natural items and magical curios. Each piece consecrated and chosen to give you the clearest reading possible.

Throughout this process Matthew will also utilize a form of dice divination in order to gain better clarity on your situation and to get a general overview on the nature of the reading.

Once done, you will receive both a photograph of the bones as they were thrown for you. As well as detailed photos of important areas of interest in your reading.

You will also receive a brief write up of your reading, and an audio recording which will give detail on important areas that were revealed, as well as any suggestions of what may be done to ensure future success and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Depending upon Matthew’s schedule and availability the possibility for a phone/Skype or a recorded reading exists for clients who would rather experience their reading in this way.

*All readings are performed at Matthew’s studio in Beverly MA*

Please contact us with any questions on this service.



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