Bottle & Container Spells

Sunday April 5th 7pm-9pm EST

Live Steamed Online

Video Available Afterwards


The use of bottles and vessels has a long tradition in the magical practices of numerous cultures. They may function as talismanic objects of drawing our desires toward manifestation, they may act as wards of protection, they may stand as batteries of magical power, or even as vessels crafted to house or trap spirits.


In this workshop we will discuss a variety of historical examples of bottle and container spells, including the famed witch bottle, the honey jar, as well as lesser known bottle and container spells. Further we will discuss varied techniques for preparing vessels for magical workings and the items we might craft them with.


This class will be live streamed and registered students will receive a link and password the day of.


A video recording of the class will be available to registered students within 24 hours of the live stream and for two weeks afterwards.

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