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Spiritus Arcanum

BPAL x Spiritus Arcanum: A Witches' Bestiary 2023 Collection

BPAL x Spiritus Arcanum: A Witches' Bestiary 2023 Collection

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Spiritus Arcanum present: A Witches’ Bestiary

We have reopened our archive to present our limited stock of this 2023 collaboration celebrating witches' familiars. 

Ejaculate of Serpents
A writhing, winding, frothing mass of serpentine undulation giving birth to orchards of untold delicacy, debauchery, and ecstatic revelation. A hissing chorus calling forth wyrms from infernal depths and dragons of supernal sky to feast in tandem upon supple and unspeakable fruits. An adder stone crowned upon the head of the transgressor. A blend that is at once sensual, seductive, and sacrilegious.

Serpent scale accord, ink-black frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, and a hint of supple dark red fruits.

Ink Feather
An homage to the corvid. Speaker of arcane secrets, crafter of tools, revealer of mysteries, devourer of corpses, and hallowed psychopomp at death’s gate.

Licorice root, black amber, 10-year aged black patchouli, and dark, resinous incense.

Toad Venom
Gift of the Devil’s emissary and heraldic beast. Venefic boon of the witches treasured familiar. The keyhole portal of sabbath’s flight, and a scourge upon thine enemies.

A thick, amphibious scent redolent of danger and seduction. Deep rich earth, stupefying iridescent green musk, ancient black oud, heady dark lichen, and dense, wet creeping mosses.

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