Chinese Wash

Salem Conjure Co brand Chinese Wash is an all natural and traditional formula used for physically and spiritually cleansing household, floors, surfaces, and objects.

It is a blend of five Asian grasses which is renown for clearing crossed conditions, killing jinxes, and for spiritual cleansing. Additionally Chinese Wash is said to bring good luck in matters of money and love.

Chinese Wash is a staple in the conjurers kit because of it’s versatility and its ability to replace bad luck with good. Its fresh citrus-like scent enlivens the environment and inspires positive change. Chinese Wash is the perfect tool for spiritual house cleansing and is also commonly used for the cleansing of spiritual tools and working surfaces. Simply add 1/4 to 1/2 bottle per gallon of water for use in household cleansing. It is best to pray over the water before cleaning with it. At this time you may also add other items to the water such as Florida Water, a few drops of our spiritual oils, or herbal infusions dependent upon your purpose.

When doing this type of cleansing it is customary to work from the back to the front of each room, and from the top of the house to the bottom. After mopping and cleaning with Chinese wash it is common for folks to toss the left over mop water outside to the east of their property. If this isn’t possible try to pour at least a cup of the cleaning water outside instead. When the bottle has been emptied the remaining broom straws should be scattered about your yard. This is symbolic of the bad fortune and any crossed conditions being swept away.


2 oz./60 ml Glass bottle