Custom Fetish Doll

We are happy to work with clients on the creation of fetish objects to meet their unique needs. All fetish dolls are handcrafted by Matthew Venus to function as spirit vessels. The process for this service begins with the client’s purchase after which we will contact the client regarding what their needs are, the type of object they are desiring, and how they intend to work with it.

In most cases this works best when a client has a rough idea regarding aesthetic, and a clearer idea of how the fetish will serve them. This can be as varied and diverse as providing protection, drawing prosperity, housing a familiar spirit, or acting as an icon for deity.

These Fetish Dolls are sculpted from a natural lightweight clay and contain a charge bundle crafted with appropriate herbs, roots, dirts, ashes, written charms, animal materia, and mineralogical elements. The fetishes may simply be created by Matthew and shipped to the client for the client to consecrate, enliven, and work upon themselves. Or in other cases the fetish may be consecrated and ritually inspirited by Matthew with an appropriate familiar spirit to work with the client towards accomplishing their aims.

Due to the nature and demands of this type of work there is usually an additional charge associated with having the fetish inspirited. It should also be understood that there will be some level of upkeep required on the part of the client to maintain the working relationship with the attached spirit. This often involves a cycle of offerings given at appropriate times in order to “feed” the spirit, and work towards establishing a communication between both spirit and client. In these cases there will also be a simple ritual for the transmission of stewardship once the Fetish arrives to the client in order to begin their work together.

Please also understand that this type of work is a form of bespoke sorcery and Fetish objects can take from 2-12 weeks to complete and ship dependent upon both the time and materials required.

Further questions please contact us.