Custom Fixed Spell Candles

With your purchase you will receive a 7-day Novena style candle which has been created specifically for your needs and request.

We do the work, You light the wick

Firstly, once you purchase this service, contact us and tell us what you would like the candle for. Is it love, prosperity, protection, stopping gossip? Let us know about your situation, the more detail the better, so we can tailor the candle appropriately to your needs.

Secondly, let us know your preference of candle style. The candles pictured are just a sampling of style options, there are many choices possible, the main options are;

1. Image Candles- These usually have either a paper or silk-screened image on them. If you have a preference of image such as “No Saint Images” or would like us to try to find a specific saint candle, let us know. Keep in mind that these candles aren’t limited to saint images and often a variety of images are available. We may also be able to create a more customized candle by affixing an image, seal or sigil to the glass of a plain candle.

2. Plain Candles- These are the same as the other candles but have only clear glass instead of an image on them.

3. Carved Pull-Out Candles- These candles will be custom carved with symbols and words appropriate to your request, then they are dressed with herbs and oils along the entirety of the candle.***These are slightly more costly and the process more involved so there is an additional fee of $8.00 that we will require for this service***

Lastly, we will cleanse the candle, dress it with oils, fix it with herbs, pray over it and bless it, package it securely and send it to you along with detailed instructions for its use

*All of the oils and herbs we use at Spiritus Arcanum are 100% natural and, when possible, certified organic*

Some of the candles you may be interested in are

Fast Luck
Employment- find or secure
Gossip Stop
Love Drawing
Money Drawing
Reversible- sending back evil and malign intentions
Good Luck
Crown of Success
and more….

There are many options available for us to create specifically for you, simply ask.

Questions? Send us a message and let us know how we can help you.