Custom Hexentaschen (Witches’ Bags)

Our Hexentaschen (Witch’s Bags) are Spiritus Arcanum’s own unique offering. They stand as an alternative to the common charm bag or mojo whilst still providing a portable magical assist in the form of amulet, talisman, and/or spirit house. They are entirely handcrafted and designed as your desire and needs dictate. Each will have its own distinct signature, design elements, materia, and power tailored towards your personal requirements and the guidance of our spirits.

Upon your purchase we will require some basic information about yourself and what your desire is for the Hexentaschen. Some possible options include but are not limited to:

Money Drawing
Love Drawing
Road Opening
Safe Travel/Astral Travel
Healing Works
Ancestral Devotion and Necromancy
Developing Magical Power
Increased Psychic Perception

These bags may take up to 6 week’s to complete as everything is done custom. Appropriate herbal, animal, and mineralogical curios must be procured. The bags must be dressed and prepared, stained with appropriate tinctures and infusions, the sigils divined upon and emblazoned, and we must do this all at appropriate times for alignment towards your purpose.

In many cases these are meant to act as reactive items which will either behave like a battery and provide appropriate ambient power towards their purpose, or they may act instead as beacons which draw specific power towards themselves and their owner. They may require periodic feeding with incense, tobacco smoke, water, alcohol, oil, or other items as us appropriate to the spirit and nature of the bag. They may be carried on the person or in a purse, hung in the home, or placed upon a working altar.

Further questions? Feel free to contact us directly about this service and your needs.