Custom Mojo Bags

Beyond being a simple charm or talisman, the mojo bag is in many ways a portable spirit house which has its earliest origins in the nkisi figures and bundles of the Kongo. The mojo is contained in an appropriate cloth for its purpose which is dressed with various oils before its construction. The body of the mojo is crafted with select roots, herbs, seeds, shells, powders, dirts, and other items appropriate to the function it is designed to fulfill.

During this process the various components of the mojo are prayed over and sung to in order to awaken them and align them to both their purpose and to the client whom they will be working for. We will also add magical seals and name papers when appropriate to further set the mojo to working for you in the manner desired.

The mojo will then be ritually blessed with the aid further prayer and that of your spirits and ancestors. It will be fed, passed through smoke, given tobacco, given fire, and sealed shut. Once complete we will send the mojo along to you with instructions for appropriate care and upkeep to ensure the mojo stays empowered and working towards the desired outcome. The mojo is then meant to be carried upon the person and in most cases kept from the sight of others and out of their hands.

Once you have made your purchase we ask that you provide us with your full name, your birth date, and briefly state any pertinent details for the situation you are hoping to apply the mojo to. Please be sure to select the type of mojo you’d like when purchasing.

It is also highly recommended that you purchase an appropriate oil, incense, or both in order to dress and feed your mojo with.