Our handcrafted packets serve as inspirited and talismanic objects that are intended to be worn or carried by their keeper. They may be crafted for a variety of purposes and concerns which can be discussed and negotiated before the work begins. The construction and consecration of the packet is a labor intensive process which can take several weeks to complete as each packet is tailored specifically to each client as the needs of the client, and the guiding spirits of the crafter dictate.

Each packet is crafted from leather, most commonly goatskin leather, though leathers as diverse as snakeskin, and toadskin may be employed when appropriate, available, and desired by the client, or demanded by the spirits. The leather is dressed in oils and hallowed waters in alignment with the nature of the packet.

As the packet is crafted items are added in specific order as lead by the maker and his guiding spirits. Materia used in each packet will be varied and may include dirts from appropriate locations, animal fur, teeth, claws, bones, feathers, herbs, seeds, roots, sacred ash, wax, stones, shells, powders, small mirrors, as well as written charms, psalms, seals, and sigils. Each item is divined over to verify its appropriateness for the client’s needs, and no two packets will be exactly alike. The construction of the packet is accompanied by prayer and incantations in alignment with the needs of the client.

Once the body of the packet is constructed it may be made into a necklace at the client’s desire. This may be either a simple string with selected beads strung upon it chosen for their virtues, or a fully beaded strand.

After the packet is complete it receives a final consecration during which the indwelling spirit of the packet is awakened and it is suffumigated with incense before being sent to the client to begin its work.

If you are interested in having a packet crafted please feel free to contact us with any questions about your needs.

Spiritus Arcanum