Custom Spell Bottles

The employment of bottles in magical traditions has a long history. As exhibited by the bellarmine or witch bottles of Europe, a bottle might contain a powerful anti-witchcraft working, or be used to punish those who work malefica. They may also act as batteries of power, function as a contained spell or talismanic object, or serve as a spirit house for familiar or servitor spirits.

Our spell bottles may be crafted for any such variety of purposes dependent upon the desire of the client and their particular needs. In most cases we will work with a client to determine their objectives and then, lead by both experience and our spirits, determine what components the vessel will receive.

After we’ve discussed the purpose and function of the vessel with the client, the work begins by determining the appropriate sigils or seal for the bottle’s purpose with consideration to the nature of the client and the work it is aligned to. The sigil is transcribed in hallowed ink upon consecrated linen or paper which is affixed to the vessel to both sanctify it and establish the character it will take. The bottle is washed in appropriate waters, infusions, pigments, and inks, and then fumigated with appropriate incenses and resins. It will then be loaded with mindfully selected elements in accord with its charge. Such items may include various fur, claws, feathers, teeth, shells, and bones, dirts from blessed or blasted domains, roots, seeds, thorns, berries, herbs, and woods. As well as stones of virtuous effect, bundles of string, bits of cloth, nails and pins, broken mirror or glass, empowered dusts and powders, wax from ritual candles, sacred ash, keys and charms, written or sigilized scrolls, or any number of other appropriate additions. All actions of the construction are coupled with the recital of psalms, charms, and incantations designed to further empower and awaken the spirit of the work. Once construction is complete the bottle receives rituals of consecration, alignment, and awakening before it is passed along to the client.

It should be noted that these are ritually crafted and inspirited talismanic art objects which are meant to be worked with. They are not designed as passive creatures or simple decorative curiosities. The sigils they are emblazoned with are chosen by the crafter to best serve the nature of the vessel, and though we are encouraging of collaborative efforts with clients, the sigilization serves a central role in the birth of these items and for that reason we will often decline requests to render vessels with prescripted symbols lifted from various traditions and grimoires.

The construction and consecration process of such pieces may take between 2-12 weeks on average, dependent upon complexity or volume of work, appropriate timing, and items required. Pricing may vary by the type of work done and materials required. Photos only represent examples of such bottles, as each one crafted will be unique. Once the bottle has shipped the client will also recieve instructions for its appropriate care and use.