One of the services we are pleased to provide is customized hand drawn and sigilized talismans designed for your personal needs.

Each talisman will be handcrafted by Matthew Venus upon paper, parchment, leather, or linen and is drawn with specially prepared and consecrated inks and during auspicious times particular to your needs. If drawn upon paper or linen the talisman is then further sanctified by the addition of various tinctures, inks, dirts, pigments, and botanical infusions which lend their power to the talisman and give it a further aged appearance. The talismans will be drawn in a manner similar to those pictured and will contain spirit communicated sigils as well as prayers and texts rendered in the Azabashian script, a personal magical cipher used by Matthew in communion with his spirits.

*If you desire to have more traditional seals/sigils/talismans rendered or included please contact us about your request and we will discuss its possibilities.

Once complete the talismans will be consecrated with appropriate prayers, suffumigants, and invocations before being sent to the client. They will each arrive with further instructions for consecration, activation, and care by the client as well as include an appropriate incense for further aligning the talisman to both the client and the work. It is important to note that these items are in many ways points of spiritual power and are designed to draw upon the aid of various spirits. They are not simple curiosities. They will require some basic upkeep by the owner in order to keep them empowered and aligned to their purpose.

Depending upon the client’s need the talisman may be hung somewhere in the home, carried upon the person, added to a larger fetish object or bundle, or utilized in another manner entirely. The specifics of this may be determined through communication between the client and Matthew.

Once your order is placed we will contact you about the type of work you are looking to have done, your particular needs, and determine the best medium for the creation of the talisman. Please bear in mind that larger sized pieces and certain materials (such as leather and animal skin parchment) may incur an additional charge. Please allow 4-8 weeks on average for this service to be provided depending upon our current availability and schedule. If you have any specific questions or need a talisman crafted for you more expeditiously please contact us before ordering.

Spiritus Arcanum