D.U.M.E. Oil

Salem Conjure Co. D.U.M.E Oil is the most severe of our crossing oils. It is intended for the utter destruction of the target, and for this reason we suggest absolute prudence in its deployment. D.U.M.E. is created with sulfur, snake sheds, graveyard dirt, and several other ingredients traditionally utilized in death spells.

The oil may be added to oil lamps, used for dressing personal items of the target, and for the dressing of black figure candles and skull candles which have been named, inscribed, and baptized for the target. This type of work is often coupled with the use of goofer dust to dress the candles as well as any items, images, or name papers of the target. Times for such working are from midnight until 12:30am, during the dark moon, or the waning moon. Once the candles have burned down and the work is complete all spell remnants should be respectfully discarded in the cemetery.

After the use of such items we HIGHLY suggest that some form of uncrossing work be performed on yourself afterwards. The use of items such as uncrossing oil, van van, and florida water is very much encouraged to remove any harmful attachments to the working and clear out the sometimes difficult emotional fallout from such works.