Dark Copal Resin

Dark Copal (Bureseru sp.) 1 oz

Planetary AssociationSun

Elemental AttributionEarth

Scent – Sweet, Warm

Alternative Names- Mayan Black Copal, Brown Copal

Dark Copal has a scent which is somewhat earthier than it’s counterparts. It sanctifies the ritual space and is an appropriate offering for Ancestral Spirits.

Like most copals, our Dark Copal is a excellent incense for purification and may be used for cleansing the home.

We recommend our Dark Copal for rites which require an exalted state, whilst still maintaining somewhat grounded awareness.

It’s power is where the Sun falls upon the Earth and where success and illumination may be found.

*All of our resin incenses may be used to make more complex incense blends, or burned by alone. They should be burned upon Charcoal Disks which can be purchased in our shop*