Dark North Pendant 24

This Walpurgisnacht we are thrilled to release a unique collection of jewelry crafted in collaboration with Kate Liset of Dark North Craft & Curio. Each of these pieces has been crafted from sterling sliver and the finest mineral specimens. This one of a kind pendant features silver sheen obsidian set in sterling silver with open back. 2 in tall. Comes on 18 in sterling silver chain.

Jewelry can get wet, but it’s best to avoid it.  Remove any pieces before showering, swimming, or washing your hands.  Pieces have undergone a process to be darkened , and will lighten a bit over time.  Avoid over polishing.  Store pieces in a cool dry place.

Each piece is crafted from high quality materials, built to last, however these are handmade fragile piece.  Take care not to bend pieces, or let edges/ bezels/ silver components get caught on clothing.

Spiritus Arcanum