Devil’s Shoestring

Devil’s Shoestring is the root of several Viburnum species. It grows in long tendrils and gets its name from the fact that it is known to catch the feet and trip up the unwary traveler. Also known as Witch Hobble and Hobble Bush, Devil’s Shoestring is used in spells for tripping up enemies, breaking hexes, protection against harmful magic, and safeguarding against bad luck. It is also used to draw in good luck, and for getting and keeping a job. It is commonly added to mojos, or other formulas and amulets. The long root pieces may be crafted into charms such as an equal armed cross strung with red thread for protection. This can be hung over the door or carried upon the person. You may also hang the bundle of roots as is over the doorway to protect the home. Some folks will dress lengths of the root with a protective oil such as Saint Michael oil and drive them into the ground surrounding the home, or near the front door to create a barrier of protection. Lengths of it may also be added to spiritual colognes such as Florida Water to lend its protective and luck bringing power to the blend.

You will receive one bundle of Devil’s Shoestring, roughly 1 oz in weight.