Dixie John Root

Also known as Southern John and Beth Root, Dixie John is the root of a variety of Trillium species. It is most commonly used in works concerning Money, Luck, Lust and Love.

To inspire passion and draw love the root may be dressed with Love Drawing, Follow Me Boy! or Cleopatra oil and carried wrapped in a piece of cloth or added to a mojo bag. When employed this way it is best to keep it pinned in the underwear or bra.

Dixie John is sometimes used in treating sleepwear and linens by wrapping it securely in cheesecloth or placing it in a muslin pouch. It is added to the wash with the clothes to infuse them with it’s essence.

For Love and Lust, Dixie John may also be powdered finely and sprinkled in the corners of the bedroom as well as placed between the mattresses in the four corners and center of it.

The root may also be powdered and added to love or luck drawing baths and incenses.

To draw Cash and Luck the root should be dressed with our Money Drawing Oil, wrapped in paper money, and carried in the pocket or a mojo.

With your purchase you will receive 1 whole root. In some cases if the root is smaller we will provide 2-3 small roots instead of 1 large root.