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Spiritus Arcanum

Foundations of Folk Healing

Foundations of Folk Healing

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Course Begins Friday November 17th, 2023
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Foundations of Folk Healing is an introduction to the folk magic and herbal healing traditions formed in the mountainous frontier regions of the United States, namely Appalachia and the Ozarks.
This course has been thoughtfully crafted to:
- Introduce folk healing modalities found along the Appalachian and Ozark mountain regions, which were born from the mingling of European, African, and Indigenous North American herbal and spiritual traditions.
- Instill a basic understanding of the body systems, their functions, common illnesses that affect them, and a materia medica of herbs that support their proper function.
- Develop a familiarity with terminologies and techniques utilized in the herbal medicine making process.
- Explore the intersections of magico-religious beliefs, illness, and medicine; including spoken charms, amulets, and ritual actions to combat and prevent illness.
- Examine humoral theory and medical astrology as tools for how our ancestors understood wellness.
- Encourage and empower participants in this course to continue the wisdom and legacy of these rich traditions, preserving them for future generations.
- And Much more!
Everything in this course will be presented from an introductory level, assuming the student has little or no prior knowledge of the course material. This course consists of 14 pre-recorded 60-120 minute classes which will be distributed bi-weekly.
Classes in this course include:
1. Transatlantic Healing: The Roots of American Folk Medicine
2. Restoring Homeostasis: Theories of Holistic Wellness
3. Charming Illness: Spiritual Sickness & Magic as Medicine
4. Brews, Tonics & Salves: The Crafting of Herbal Preparations
5. Intro to the Circulatory System
6. Intro to the Digestive System
7. Intro to the Lymphatic System
8. Intro to the Endocrine & Exocrine Systems
9. Intro to the Nervous Systems
10. Intro to the Renal System
11. Intro to the Respiratory System
12. Intro to the Musculoskeletal System
13. Intro to the Reproductive System
14. Intro to the Integumentary System
In an effort to provide students with multiple opportunities to study the course material and vocabulary to its fullest extent, they will be provided with optional bonus material including quizzes, word puzzles, recommended reading, and access to flashcard sets available through the Quizlet app, as well as a student discussion forum on Facebook. Upon fulfillment of self-paced course assignments and quizzes, students will receive a certificate of completion. 

The course will begin Friday November 17th, 2023 at 6pm Eastern Time, and videos will be distributed at the same time every other Friday until the end of the course.
About the Presenter:

Devin McElderry:
Raised on a family farm in rural Arkansas, Devin is an herbalist and amateur folklorist. Descended from a lineage of Appalachian coal miners, moonshiners, preachers, and granny women, Devin has devoted the past 18 years to preserving the folk customs, spiritual practices, and healing traditions of Appalachia, the Ozarks, and the cultures they were born from.

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