Gifts of the Magi Incense

This limited offering is crafted in honor of the Three Magi who traveled from distant lands in order to bring their gifts before the child of light.

Casper (Jasper), who brought the gift of Myrrh.
Melchior, who brought the gift of Frankincense.
Balthazar, who brought the gift of Gold.

Along with their sacred virtues, each of these gifts carry with them an esoteric symbolism. Myrrh being associated with the dead, and with incorruptible flesh. Frankincense with purification, consecration, sacrifice, and prayer. And Gold with love and prosperity.

This incense has been crafted from a selection precious resins. Including six different species of the finest frankincense from around the world including; B. neglecta, B. frereana, B. papyrifera, B. serrata, B. dalzielli, and B. sacra known as Royal Hojari. We have also chosen a high quality Somalian myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) for this blend. Finally, the resins have been gilded with genuine 24kt gold leaf which gives the blend a beautiful luster not easily conveyed in pictures.

Beginning the evening of December 24th our Gifts of the Magi incense will undergo an extended daily cycle of prayers and consecration which will culminate on Epiphany (Three Kings Day January 6th). After which all pending orders will ship out shortly afterwards.

Gifts of the Magi incense is well suited to any ritual works, particularly those of consecration, blessing, adoration, offering, and prayer. Additionally, under the patronage of the Magi it is an appropriate suffumigant for works of spiritual devotion, necromancy, exorcism, safe travel, dream magic and divination. Additionally, the resins and gold may be added as is to charms designed for safe travel, divination, dream magic, or hung near the threshold for the protection of the home.

This is an extremely limited run and won’t be reproduced until the Yuletide of 2021. This is a blend of natural resins which is meant to be burned upon charcoal. You will receive one 1oz vial of incense.

If you’d like to learn more about the Three Magi we suggest that you consider taking The Sorceries of the Magi class presented by Dr. Alexander Cummins.