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Spiritus Arcanum

The Green Devil

The Green Devil

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This one of a kind ceramic sculpture was created by Matthew Venus. 

This is a representation of one of the faces of the Green Devil who is patron of all flora. This particular guise is aligned to the mosses and the decaying matter of forest floors.

As such, this particular mask of the green devil speaks to the mysteries of thriving in darkness and transforming decay and death into verdant growth. An excellent ally to assist in taking off stagnant miasma and transforming states of death and decay in our lives into new opportunities and growth.

It is meant to serve as a devotional piece, spirit house, or evocative piece of art.

The statue stands approximately 9in and has a cavity in the bottom which can be loaded with magical materia at the discretion of its keeper to further empower and align it to whatever purpose its keeper might feel appropriate.  

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