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Kyphi Spray

Kyphi Spray

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Ars Magica Apothecary brand Kyphi spray is an eau de cologne based upon an ancient Egyptian recipe for incense. Kyphi incense was most commonly burned for high ritual purposes and was said to bestow health and blessings. Our spray is crafted using 100% natural essential oils and offers a sensuous and inviting scent which is wonderfully unisex.

The profile opens with notes of cedar and cypress which leads to a middle of warm cinnamon and cassia, and settles into an incensed base of frankincense and myrrh. These are just a taste of the prominent ingredients in this evocative and multilayered fragrance which creates the perfect atmosphere for honoring the sacred without and within.

Beyond a simple cologne, the natural ingredients and composition in this blend make it an excellent room spray for those who wish to avoid the smoke created by incense. Additionally, our Kyphi spray may be worn by both celebrant and ritualist alike and makes an appropriate fragrance for the art of high ritual or simply to perfume the rituals of daily life. Be sure to check out our Kyphi Oil as well.

1 oz. glass bottle with atomizer and cap.

***Please Note. Due to international shipping constraints our line of alcohol-based fragrances is currently only available to customers within the U.S.***

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