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L’Dor VaDor | Generations of Jewish Folk Magic with Cooper Kaminsky

L’Dor VaDor | Generations of Jewish Folk Magic with Cooper Kaminsky

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L’Dor VaDor | Generations of Jewish Folk Magic with Cooper Kaminsky

A part of the Voices of Folk Magic Series
This class will livestream via Zoom at 7pm Eastern on Sunday December 18th 2022 and will be available as a video for viewing afterwards 

Magical traditions are best preserved when they are passed down from one generation to the next. Jewish folk magic is a rich kaleidoscopic quilt work - fragmented together by our histories, texts, faith, and our ability to survive in diaspora.

This class is an exploration of some of the foundations of Jewish Folk Magic. We will explore the importance of Jewish magic in the ancient world through seminal texts such as the PGM and the Sefer Ha’Razim, and discover how Jewish magic evolved during the time of the Talmud, Kabbalah, and more. The second half of this class will be a hands-on approach to bringing some fundamentals of Jewish folk magic into our present day, and attuning our Jewish magical traditions to our modern sensibilities. Cooper will also share some personal techniques they have developed in their folk practice, that you can directly apply to our own magical path. L’Dor VaDor means “From Generation to Generation;” Together we will understand our place in this beautiful folk lineage, and carry this magical torch into the future.

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Cooper Kaminsky (they/them) is a Denver-based Intuitive Psychic Medium and professional artwitch working in spiritual, creative, and human planes. A heart centered diviner, folk magician, and teacher; their work is accurate, inclusive, holistic to self, and centered around healing through the energetic patterns we carry in this world and beyond. Cooper holds a second degree in Traditional Usui Reiki, is a trained medium and initiated guide in the Akashic Records, and has studied and practiced various systems of magic and mysticism for over 12+ years. Outside of their spiritual work, Cooper is also a professional actor and musician.

Cooper has a passion for good coffee, Jewish folk magic, divination, 60’s rock, Victoriana, and poetry. Cooper welcomes you to dance in realms of creativity, symbology, and transformation. You can connect with them via Instagram @cooperkaminsky and book a session at

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