Love Drawing Oil

Salem Conjure Co. Love Drawing Oil is for bringing loving romantic relationships into your life. It may be used by men or women to draw a partner of their desired gender.

The oil is an excellent choice for dressing mojos, love drawing curios, and name papers. It may also be worn as a perfume, added to oil lamps, and used for dressing red or pink couple, marriage, or figure candles which have been inscribed with the name of the one desired, or better yet, with the qualities you wish to find in a romantic partner.

A relatively easy working is to dress a dixie john root with love drawing oil while praying for the type of lover you wish to bring into your life. This may then be added to a red mojo bag and passed through Love Drawing Incense to further empower the root and align it to its purpose. It may then be carried upon the person, tucked into the bra or pinned to the underwear. The root should then be fed every Friday by dressing it with a bit more oil and passing it through the incense smoke while burning pink candles and praying for the love you desire to arrive.

15ml glass bottle