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Spiritus Arcanum

Mirror of Venus Incense

Mirror of Venus Incense

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An incense of glamoury, sensual delights, and amorous encounters, Mirror of Venus is designed to aid in rites of self love, beautification, seduction, attraction, and sensual ecstasy. 

It stands as an exemplary boudoir suffumigant when sexual encounters with self, spirits, or partners of the flesh is desired. A call to divine beauty and an embrace of ecstatic undulation, of climax and release, as sacred rites of carnal celebration.

It may be worked for the consecration and feeding of amorous talismans and erotic fetish objects. And further it may be wafted over the body and clothing of self or other as both dedication and offering to the sensual body, to the revelations of ecstasy, and the recognition of beauty in its myriad forms. A call to lover and beloved in all of their guises. 

This extremely limited offering has been crafted and aged for over a year and includes benzoin siam, rose, cherry wood, damiana, cardamom, and more. As it is made entirely from natural botanicals without the addition of combustible accelerants it is meant to be burned upon charcoals. It pairs perfectly in ritual with Birth of Venus or Goddess of Love candles.
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