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Salem Conjure Co.

Money Drawing Incense

Money Drawing Incense

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Need some extra help filling your pockets? Need to bring prosperity and fortune into your life? Then Salem Conjure Co. Money Drawing Incense is the way to go!

Our woody, spicy and delicious smelling incense is made with natural essential botanicals and traditional money drawing herbs such as cinnamon, nutmeg, frankincense, and several other ingredients. It is designed to open the doors to an increased flow of prosperity, opportunity, and financial increase.

Our Money Drawing Incense can be burned during prayer, ritual, or spellwork performed for prosperity. Most commonly these works are performed on Thursdays and Sundays to invite prosperity into your life. This is usually accompanied by prayers such as the 23rd, 69th, or 122nd Psalm, or something more personal and from the heart.

You may also wish to write out a petition which states what it is you desire in green pen or pencil on a piece of paper . Next use our Money Drawing Oil for dressing the four corners of the paper. Then pass the paper through the smoke of our Money Drawing Incense. The paper may then be placed under a green candle which has been dressed with Money Drawing Oil. The candle is then lit and burned while you focus upon your needs and pray for the prosperity you desire. Once the candle has completely burned down the petition paper is folded towards you into a small packet and carried in your purse or wallet. Any wax or ash remnants can be buried by the front door of your home or business.

Our Money Drawing Incense may also be burned to to draw prosperity and good fortune to your home or business. Additionally, you can use it to cense and consecrate money drawing curios, feed conjure bags, or perfume your spending money, wallet, or purse to welcome in wealth, draw in the dollar, and call upon the coin!

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