A Light in the Dark: The Crafting of Magical Oil Lamps

After humankind first harnessed fire, yet long before the use of candles, oil lamps were the manner by which we often conjured magic with the aid of fire. Oil lamps are and incredibly practical, affordable, and effective method of crafting magic.


In this class we will discuss the historical use of oil lamps as they appear in many different magical traditions, as well as the wide variety of ways that they may be used in all manner of magical operations. We will discuss the benefits of oil lamps versus candles, and how we can incorporate them into existing practices. We will also cover a multitude of ways that magical oil lamps may be created from very simple approaches using household items to more complex and elaborate lamps using herbal and mineral components as well as magical seals and sigils.


This class was previously live streamed and recorded.

Once you purchase the class you will receive a pdf file with a link to the video of the class and the password to access it. This video will be available for you to watch until November 30th.



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