Old Growth Alchemy x Spiritus Arcanum: Walpurgisnacht Teas

Old Growth Alchemy x Spiritus Arcanum
*Only Available for order from 04/30 until 05/15*

As a part of the Walpurgisnacht Collection we are offering 3 limited run tea blends hand blended by the enchantress of Old Growth Alchemy  Ashley Nunez.

These teas are completely organic, inspired by the Witches’ Sabbath and Beltane, and are each truly unique and absolutely delicious.

They include:

Devil’s Mark – A decadent blend of black & rooibos teas with candied ginger, dried ginger, dried cherry, and dried raspberry.

Queen of May – A tempting blend of florals and fruits. White tea, tulsi, dried strawberries, calendula, rose, and anise hyssop.

Rentum Tormentum – A dark, smoky, and luscious spiced black tea with lapsang souchong, clove, black pepper, and vanilla bean.

A bit about Old Growth Alchemy: Old Growth Alchemy is a purveyor of fine teas, botanical bitters, and wild curiosities inspired by land, lore, and the occult. It began as a way to share illuminations of ongoing study in folk herb craft, lore, storytelling, and traditional witchery through interaction with the sensuous, animate earth.  Each product demonstrates how the experience of leaf, twig, root, flower, or branch transforms depending upon the medium by which they are encountered. The world and works of Old Growth Alchemy are like that of a goblin market in a fairy story: snatch them up before the seasons change and it is whisked away!

*There are a limited number of these teas available for immediate dispatch. If demand exceeds supply and we run out of those already made, all additional orders made by the 5/15 will be created the following week and shipped shortly afterwards.

Spiritus Arcanum