Old Growth Alchemy x Spiritus Arcanum: Devil’s Mark Bitters

Old Growth Alchemy x Spiritus Arcanum
*Available for order from 04/30 until 05/21*

As a part of the Walpurgisnacht Collection we have partnered with the enchantress of Old Growth Alchemy  Ashley Nunez to bring you Devil’s Mark bitters.

A pact with the devil is a bittersweet exchange. Hands clasped at the crossroads. the taste of sin on your lips.
Devil’s Mark is a diabolical blend of blueberries, burdock root, black cardamom, beet root, ginger, and gentian. A perfect compliment to your favorite cocktail, the use of these bitters can also be extended to nonalcoholic drinks, ritual draughts, and whatever creative cooking applications your heart and ingenuity leads you to.

1 ounce glass bottle.

A bit about Old Growth Alchemy: Old Growth Alchemy is a purveyor of fine teas, botanical bitters, and wild curiosities inspired by land, lore, and the occult. It began as a way to share illuminations of ongoing study in folk herb craft, lore, storytelling, and traditional witchery through interaction with the sensuous, animate earth.  Each product demonstrates how the experience of leaf, twig, root, flower, or branch transforms depending upon the medium by which they are encountered. The world and works of Old Growth Alchemy are like that of a goblin market in a fairy story: snatch them up before the seasons change and it is whisked away!

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