Planetary Chalks

Our handcrafted ritual chalks have been formulated from a complex arrangement of ingredients which are meant to not only ensure a ritually potent tool, but also a chalk which actually functions as a chalk should. They are crafted during proper planetary days and hours from a variety of herbs, ashes, dirts, woods, and waters. And each chalk undergoes a litany of prayers and consecrations in its making.

These chalks are perfect for creating ritual circles, sigils, and seals. As well as creating planetary squares or demarcating areas for protection, binding, or blasting. Further the chalks may be ground up and used as a ritual powder or with a bit of water added make an excellent paint. Another method of use we highly enjoy is using the chalks to create sigils or written intentions upon a slate board and then washing it off and using the waters for washes, baths, and more.
Our selection of Planetary Chalks is available as individual pieces and sets, and includes:

Chalk of the Sun
– made with a variety of ingredients which include angelica, bay laurel, calendula, chamomile, cinnamon, calamus, St. John’s wort, mistletoe, frankincense, ritual ashes, and dirts gathered from solar locales during the day and hour of the Sun.
Excellent for works of success, good fortune, increasing joy, illumination, healing, study, prosperity, acquiring fame, and for the conjuration of solary spirits.

Chalk of the Moon – made with a variety of ingredients which include poppy, jasmine, anise, eucalyptus, mugwort, orris, star anise, white lotus flowers, willow, ritual ashes, sea water gathered on the full moon and during both the day and hour of the Moon.
Excellent for works of divination, dream work, journey work, psychic development, all works of a lunar nature, and the conjuration of lunary spirits.

Chalk of Mars – made with a variety of ingredients which include red ochre, basil, cayenne, cubeb berry, ginger, garlic, nettle, black pepper, tobacco, wormwood, ritual ashes, martial dirts including those gathered from a battlefield dirt and a gymnasium on Mar’s day and hour.
Excellent for works of powerful protection and defense, warfare, passion, strength, increasing power and vitality, magical attack, and conjuring forth martial spirits.

Chalk of Mercury – made with a variety of ingredients which include dirts paid for and gathered from multiples crossroads and marketplace dirt gathered on Mercury’s day and hour, elecampane, dill, lavender, lemongrass, vervain, peppermint, cinquefoil, marjoram. ritual ashes.
Excellent for works of communication, travel, trade and business, divination, swift action, gaining magical knowledge, and conjuring mercurial spirits.

Chalk of Jupiter –  made with a variety of ingredients which include bank and courthouse dirts gathered in Jupiter’s day and hour, white oak, bayberry, sage, blessed thistle, cinquefoil, hyssop, nutmeg, fennel, agrimony, High John root powder, lightening struck wood, ritual ashes.
Excellent for works of influencing those in positions of power, for increasing leadership skills and admiration, prosperity and expansion of wealth, acquiring knowledge, court cases and legal matters, and for conjuring forth jovial/jupitarian spirits.

Chalk of Venus – made with a variety of ingredients which include apple orchard dirt gathered in Venus’s day and hour, cherry bark, rose petals, damiana, strawberry leaf and fruit, raspberry leaf and fruit, yarrow, catnip, thyme, ritual ashes.
Excellent for works of love, affection, romance, lust, beauty, glamoury, wealth, pleasure, and conjuring forth venusian spirits.

Chalk of Saturn– made with a variety of ingredients which include datura, graveyard gathered yew, comfrey, hellebore root, patchouli, Solomon’s seal root, valerian, fumitory, mullein, charcoal, cemetery gate & boundary dirt and library dirt gathered in Saturn’s day and hour, ritual ashes.
Excellent for works of binding powerful magical defense, cursing, hexing, necromancy, acquiring occult secrets, obfuscation, wisdom, and conjuring forth saturnian spirits.


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