Queen of Bones Incense from Seven Sisters

Queen of Bones Incense: A collaborative offering from Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary

Amidst the moss and rock; timber and fog, the bones of the “once living” lay. Now a potent vessel and Way-Show-er between the realms, they are once more given life as ally in our sacred rites.

The Queen of Bones governs the remains of the dead.  Mother Darkness of Elphame. This incense consists of trees, berries, resins and seeds sacred to the Queen of Bones. The spirit contained within the bone powder of this blend; a result of petitions, prayers and sacred offerings to Her.

Burn this incense upon charcoals,  or (ideally) birch polypore from a fallen tree. It’s fumes aid in parting the Way between the worlds, and for hallowing bones, tools, and fetishes to be worked in rites of necromancy or soul flight.

Spiritus Arcanum