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Spiritus Arcanum

Road Opener Oil

Road Opener Oil

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Our Salem Conjure Co. Road Opener Oil is used in works to overcome obstacles and open the way to success. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall and are stuck in a stagnant position, Road Opener is the oil for you. If you are looking for advancement at work, looking to open the way to business success, or need to remove obstacles to your love life, Road Opener is an appropriate choice. Road Opener Oil is also an excellent oil to use whenever starting a new venture or relationship to clear the way for an easy road ahead. It may also be a useful oil for those who are traveling as it can help assist in providing safety and security from delays and disasters.

One method of employing this oil is to get four 4″ black candles along with one orange jumbo candle. You should also acquire some dirt from a 4 way crossroads.
Beginning on a Wednesday, on a heatproof serving tray or cookie tray use the dirt to create an equal armed cross. Then dress each black candle with Road Opener Oil while praying for all obstacles to be removed from the way of your success. Then place one of the black candles standing at the end of each point of the cross you’ve made with the dirt.

Next carve your name and birth date into the orange candle along with the area you wish to find success. This may be as simple as “promotion at work”, or something more detailed. You may also wish to write out your desire in more detail upon a piece of paper, then dress the corners of the paper and place it beneath the orange candle. Once you are done inscribing your orange candle dress it with the Road Opener Oil and place it standing in the center of the artificial “crossroads” you’ve created.

Light the black candles first. These represent the obstructions in your way. Pray out loud for their removal and envision yourself on a clear and easy path to success.

Then light the orange candle. This represents your success. Clear channels, open roads, and smooth movement.

Continue focused thought and prayer towards your desires. Let the candles burn for 11 minutes the first night, then 7 minutes the next, 11 the night after that, and so on until all candles have totally burned down. You’ll note that it’s intended for the black obstacle candles to burn out long before the candle which represents your success and the achievement of your aims.

Once all candles have burned out take the candle wax and dirt and bury them at the crossroads you originally got the dirt from.

Salem Conjure Co. brand oils are hand blended from the finest natural botanicals and resins, blessed and empowered for ritual use, and never include fillers or synthetic fragrances. 

15 ml glass bottle

Though our oils are traditionally crafted, ritually blessed, and prayed over we always recommend that you add your own prayer, petitions, ritual, and magic to personalize and strengthen your work and the desired outcome.

Magic opens a door and lays a path. It is up to you to walk through that door and walk the path provided. In other words, you must not rely on magic alone, but also take the necessary actions in your life required towards manifesting the results you desire to see.

Our oils are not intended for consumption. They are created as curio items and presented for their folkloric and historic value.

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