Santa Muerte Oil

Santa Muerte (Saint Death) is a folk saint who finds her origins in Mexican Catholicism and whose popularity has grown exponentially over the past decade to include followers and devotees from many religious and cultural backgrounds. Though she is often feared and maligned as a patron of criminals and murderers, in reality her many followers come from all walks of life, from children to religiously devout grandmothers. All of whom share a sincere affection for her as a most holy saint who grants us a good death at our passing and offers many blessings and protections during our time on Earth.

Her images and statues, though now seen in a rainbow of colors, were more traditionally only shown in three variations; The White, most commonly worked for general purpose blessings, healing and well being, The Black, often petitioned for darker works of destruction and revenge, yet also for powerful protection and justice, and lastly, The Red, which is most usually petitioned for matters of love, both passionate and romantic, and for worldly concerns.

Our Santa Muerte Oil is a traditional and appropriate addition to rituals and spiritual workings performed in her honor, or to call upon her aid. It may be used for the dressing of candles, as well as for dressing her tools, her altar, or anointing yourself when you are in need of her blessings. It is crafted with Copal, Rosemary, Roses from her altar, and other botanicals sacred to Santa Muerte . The finished oil has rested upon her altar to receive her benediction before bottling.

The image on our label was created by artist Glen Velez in honor of Santa Muerte as La Niña Blanca (The White Girl). In one hand she holds the globe representing her dominion over all, in the other a scale, showing that all are equal in her eyes.