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Spiritus Arcanum

Scorpion Oil

Scorpion Oil

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Our Scorpion Oil stands as a creature of powerful protection and defense. And whose nature is equally suited towards very focused tactical attack and seduction as means to an end. Striking before the target even senses they are in danger.

An aspect of the crafting of our Scorpion Oil involved a consecration and alignment to the work of the 5th pentacle of Mars. Done in the proper day and hour with Mars in the 11th house and whilst in the first decan of Scorpio.

This also involved the praying and employment of psalm 91. With particular attention being paid to vers 13 which stands as the versicle for the 5th pentacle.  "Thou shalt tread on the asp and basilisk: and thou shalt trample on the lion and dragon" Wherein the tooth of an asp, the egg of a “basilisk”, the tooth of a lion, and that of a “dragon” were each ritually consecrated and then shattered before their addition to the oil.

A ruthless warrior for the calculated execution of desire. A stiletto heeled stinger raised to pierce the heart. And a steel-toed boot for crushing the bones of lions, serpents, dragons, and basilisks beneath its tread.

For trampling upon those who stand as a threat, or who stand in the way. The unblinking eye of the predator fixed upon its prey.

Appropriate for the dressing amulets and candles, fetishes and ritual tools of defense and attack. For marking areas we desire to protect, or those we wish to activate for magical attack. This oil may we worn sparingly as a form of exoskeleton armor against attacks both material and magical. An oil of Mars and Scorpio.

Each bottle contains 1 full ounce of oil (twice the volume of our standard oils) within which a singular scorpion resides* and bears a custom talismanic label designed by our shop manager Grant Hanna @liber_celestis.

We encourage approaching this indwelling scorpion as a spirit in its own right. Awakening it upon receiving the oil, perhaps gifting it a name, and speaking aloud to it of your desires before each use of the oil. 

There were only 25 of these made and I have no intention of ever recreating this exact formula again.

Some of the elements incorporated in the birthing of this oil include:
Master root
Chili pepper
Black Pepper
Lightening struck wood
Cascara Sagrada
Guinea Pepper
Tiger’s eye
Honey Locust spike
Viper fang
“Basilisk” egg
Lion tooth
“Dragon” tooth

*Due to the fragile nature of these scorpions we cannot guarantee that they might not break in the bottle whilst in transit. Please trust that they were whole when added to the oil and know that this has no bearing on their effectiveness as spirit assists in the work of the oil.

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