Scottish Folk Magic and Gaelic Cultural Traditions with Ash William Mills

A part of the Voices of Folk Magic Series
This class will livestream via Zoom at 7pm Eastern on Sunday September 18th 2022 and will be available as a video for viewing afterwards 

Exploring Scottish folk magic and customs and the tradition of Scotland’s vast cultural mixing pot, specializing mostly within Scottish Gaelic Culture and language.

Ash William Mills has an NC degree in Celtic Studies & Heritage and is currently studying Scottish Ethnology & History at the University of Edinburgh. He is an animist and folk magic practitioner with over 25 years of experience regarding Scottish and Gaelic Folklore, Witchcraft, and Folk Magic. He runs a Etsy Store: Scottish Cunning Ways where he commissions and sells items associated with Scottish and Gaelic mythology, folk magic/witchcraft, and other strange and magical Curios.

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