The Sentry Fetish

The sentry fetish is constructed to stand as guardian of the household and the land upon which one lives. In some cases it may be worked with as a spirit house for the spirit of place. The use of this fetish requires a precursory understanding of spirit work and ritual mechanics, as the owner will be required to perform a ritual of ensouling the fetish and be expected to keep its presiding spirit fed on at least a monthly basis. All items needed for the completion of the ritual (an appropriate incense, powder, and candle) will be included along with the fetish. As well as with a wooden casket of keeping and written instructions for performing the rite to enspirit and awaken the the fetish. These objects are intended to be hidden away from curious eyes and either housed upon the hearth of the home or near the threshold.

Each fetish is hand crafted by Matthew Venus from a durable natural clay which has been embedded with appropriate powders, ash, and dusts, infused with select waters, and empowered by prayer and incantation. Due to the nature of these pieces no two will be exactly alike and time for crafting them averages between 4-8 weeks depending upon our current workload.

You will receive one sentry fetish, one wooden casket of keeping, incense, powder, candle, and instructions with your purchase.

*Please note that the sigil shown on the primary photo is that which will be included on the sentry fetish. The second photo is included to give example of the casket included with the fetish.