Serpent’s Solace

Serpent’s Solace is an oil of healing and rejuvenation. Allied to works of restoring vitality and returning the body to a state of emotional, physical, and spiritual balance and health. It may be used to dress healing charms, petition papers, and candles. It may also be added to baths and washes. Or used to anoint the body.

Amongst some of the materia housed in the mother bottle of this oil is:
Sage, Rosemary, Frankincense, Angelica, Thyme, White Mustard, Badger claw, Balm of Gilead, and more.

Though this oil is designed as spiritual aid to the processes of healing we make no medical claims about the curative properties of this oil and we absolutely encourage those who seek healing to find and partner with a qualified professional healer.

As these oils are birthed and housed in a mother bottle which has been ritually worked and filled with magical materia, please note that there may occasionally be small particles of botanical or other materia found within the oil you recieve.

All of our Ars Magica oils are ritually made and blessed. They are crafted with only the finest natural materials and essential oils. We will never use synthetic fragrances in our magical oils.

Spiritus Arcanum