Seven Sisters x Spiritus Arcanum: Unguentum Sabbati Flying Ointment

Seven Sisters x Spiritus Arcanum

Unguentum Sabbati Flying Ointment and collaboration between Spiritus Arcanum and Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary crafted in a limited run for the Walpurgisnacht Collection.

Upon these wings of starlight and soul matter, up to the Brocken hill, we fly.  The veil between the worlds collide as the witches mark their bodies with salve and invocation. Fires of the Sabbat rage, the night air filled with haunts and wandering spirits; all baring witness to the rite of  Walpurgisnacht as the Marked dance with the Unseen. Hedge-rider, Skin Leaper, listen to the whispers of The Other. Make marked blessings upon the earthen planes. Feed the dead with liquor, milk, honey and bread, and part the veil between time and all existence.

Oils of allies; Mugwort, Yarrow, Cinquefoil, Evening Primrose, Balm of Gilead, & Uva Ursi, lend to us their aid in our departure to the Sabbat.  State your intentions into the vessel, and anoint your brow, soles of the feet, pulse points and under arms prior to entering your circle of arte. Comes in a .5 oz tin.

A bit about Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary: A house of magick. A house of healing. A house of flame tending and re-awakening. SvS is the culmination of years of listening, of practice and devotion to the Old Ways. This space is a haven, for all of us on our journey to re-membering who and what we are.

Spiritus Arcanum