Shut Your Mouth! Oil

Salem Conjure Co. brand Shut Your Mouth!!! Oil is used for silencing big mouthed, backbiting, sh*t talkers. We all know the type, the jealous naysayers and gossips who have nothing better to do than talk about others. When you come across those who can’t keep out of your business and spread lies, or slander your name grab a bottle of Shut Your Mouth!!! and make them do just that!

It is formulated with cloves, slippery elm, alum, and other traditional ingredients for silencing the spiteful tongue.

Use it to dress red or black figure candles which have been carved with the name of the meddlesome party and burn them while praying (psalms 58 and 120 are of use) that they keep their mouths quiet concerning your affairs and reputation.


15ml Glass Bottle